• The Big Field Aligner Infoceutical (BFA) does just what its name implies, it works to correct an imbalance or distortion in any of the three axes, aligning your body-field with the Big Fields of the Earth. Its effect is to stabilize and better organize your Body-Field, so it tends to help you to feel more secure within your physical body. When it’s shown as a priority, using it to realign your Body-Field helps to make the other Infoceuticals in your protocol more effective. Ingredients: Collodial Minerals, Minteral Water, Ethanol (5% of Vol)
  • Protandim®, protected by U.S. patents, is made of five potent botanicals.  Acting at the gene level to make your own antioxidant enzymes.

    30 tablets

  • NES Scanner for the Bioenergetic Wellness System so that you can scan yourself at home without having to come in for an appointment.  Useful if getting to the clinic is a hassle for you or you live out of the area.
  • The miHealth comes with a class 2A medical certification for pain relief, so it can be used for any conditions where pain is involved. Using a range of functions, the intelligent NES miHealth activates the body’s self-healing capabilities. It uses bio-electro stimulation and magnetic fields to deliver the information your body needs to return to a natural state – from which all healing begins. Comfortable to hold and simple to use, the NES miHealth comes with a measurement and dose function together with a full colour touch screen – which makes it easy to choose the appropriate programme for each individual client session. The NES miHealth can: • Speed up recovery following sporting activity • Help with mobility in joints • Improve sleeping patterns • Enhance mental and emotional wellbeing • Increase energy levels • Aid with relaxation • Aid with improving lymphatic flow and tissue detoxification • Provide effective treatment for chronic pain • Aid in reducing any kind of myofascial pain including - lower back pain, tension headaches, sore muscles, many kinds of arthritis, post-traumatic conditions, bruises and sprains • Help with impingement syndromes such as rotator cuff problems, tennis elbow, heel spurs and many more