• Energetically helps rejuvenate the body after sports participation, strenuous physical activity, physical injury, impact or shock. Also helps with tissue regeneration, muscle recovery, muscle tone and may ease muscle strains, swelling and trauma. May be applied topically to injured areas. Ingredients: Collodial Minerals, Minteral Water, Ethanol (5% of Vol)
  • Helps promote a balanced sleep cycle and optimum regulation of your body’s natural rhythms. It can have a harmonizing affect on your entire energetic system. It’s not a sedative, is non-addictive and does not stimulate hormones. Use 3-4 times throughout the day, with the last dose before bedtime to reset your sleep cycle. Ingredients: Collodial Minerals, Minteral Water, Ethanol (5% of Vol)
  • This can enhance your source energy available for physical activity. Also may be useful when you’re energetically depleted due to chronic illness, mental exhaustion, stress, toxic exposure, malnutrition or poor breathing. Use before and during sports or other physical activities. Ingredients: Collodial Minerals, Minteral Water, Ethanol (5% of Vol)
  • The Day Infoceutical aids the body in catching light particles, helping the cells to produce, store and use energy from sunlight. It matches to the sympathetic nervous system, giving energy and drive during the day. It is also a feel good infoceutical, giving you a sunnier outlook perhaps. Use this infoceutical in the morning and/or during the day. Ingredients: Collodial Minerals, Minteral Water, Ethanol (5% of Vol)
  • The Night Infoceutical helps the body to produce energy and burn fat at night. It matches to the parasympathetic nervous system, which governs rest and repair. The Night Infoceutical helps to protect against electromagnetic radiation and artificial light pollution while you sleep. It also helps the body sync with natural circadian rhythms and produce melatonin and DHEA at night. Use this Infoceutical in the hours of darkness before sleeping. Ingredients: Collodial Minerals, Minteral Water, Ethanol (5% of Vol)
  • The Big Field Aligner Infoceutical (BFA) does just what its name implies, it works to correct an imbalance or distortion in any of the three axes, aligning your body-field with the Big Fields of the Earth. Its effect is to stabilize and better organize your Body-Field, so it tends to help you to feel more secure within your physical body. When it’s shown as a priority, using it to realign your Body-Field helps to make the other Infoceuticals in your protocol more effective. Ingredients: Collodial Minerals, Minteral Water, Ethanol (5% of Vol)
  • Protandim®, protected by U.S. patents, is made of five potent botanicals.  Acting at the gene level to make your own antioxidant enzymes.

    30 tablets

  • NES Scanner for the Bioenergetic Wellness System so that you can scan yourself at home without having to come in for an appointment.  Useful if getting to the clinic is a hassle for you or you live out of the area.
  • The miHealth comes with a class 2A medical certification for pain relief, so it can be used for any conditions where pain is involved. Using a range of functions, the intelligent NES miHealth activates the body’s self-healing capabilities. It uses bio-electro stimulation and magnetic fields to deliver the information your body needs to return to a natural state – from which all healing begins. Comfortable to hold and simple to use, the NES miHealth comes with a measurement and dose function together with a full colour touch screen – which makes it easy to choose the appropriate programme for each individual client session. The NES miHealth can: • Speed up recovery following sporting activity • Help with mobility in joints • Improve sleeping patterns • Enhance mental and emotional wellbeing • Increase energy levels • Aid with relaxation • Aid with improving lymphatic flow and tissue detoxification • Provide effective treatment for chronic pain • Aid in reducing any kind of myofascial pain including - lower back pain, tension headaches, sore muscles, many kinds of arthritis, post-traumatic conditions, bruises and sprains • Help with impingement syndromes such as rotator cuff problems, tennis elbow, heel spurs and many more
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