Reiki is a hands-on gentle energy healing technique (although it can also be done off body around your aura) which focuses on removing energy blocks within the body of your life-force energy (also known as your Chi).

During a session, Reiki energy is brought into the body and it flows to wherever it is required by your body.  Its main function is to remove energy blocks however it usually allows you to feel a great sense of peace and can provide energy and vitality along with an overall sense of wellbeing.

Everyone’s experience is different – you may feel slight tingling as the energy flows through you, warmth, relaxation, or you may feel nothing at all.

“Reiki brings back the light that was always inside us.”


Reiki Healing can help to:

  • Promote harmony and balance

  • Remove energy blocks

  • Relieve stress and tension

  • Promote natural balance between mind, body, emotion & spirit

  • Provide deep relaxation

Reiki Healing is beneficial for people of all ages and can be used on animals also.

​Session cost: $135 (approx 60 mins)

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