Kinesiology is a holistic technique that is gentle in nature and combines both eastern and western therapeutic principles to embrace every aspect of health and wellbeing.


Kinesiology utilises muscle testing to identify energy flows throughout the body; targeting the underlying causes of problems.  In this way, it indicates what is needed for you to help heal yourself and to show what is most likely to bring the body back into balance.  The body may be experiencing a physical symptom that requires something non-physical to correct it.  The body is brought back into balance using body work / structural techniques, spiritual corrections, emotional balancing, NLP techniques and/or ecological techniques (which may involve your environment, diet etc).

Whether you aim to increase your energy and vitality, promote wellbeing, reduce stress and/or pain, manage your emotions better, or even improve your performance at business, sport or learning, Kinesiology can assist you with this.

​Session cost: $135 (up to 60 mins)
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