Homeobotanical remedies are concentrated blends of herbal extracts and tinctures which have been prepared to cover common health needs and conditions.  The formulations are then diluted and potentised in the homeopathic manner to release a healing energy which can assist the body with its natural healing process.

All remedies blend easily together to suit your individual needs and requirements.


What is Homeobotanical Therapy?

  • Energy medicine

  • Utilises a mix and match system

  • Designed to be part of your treatment plan

  • Covers many healthcare applications

  • Formulas are suitable for all ages

  • Therapeutics based on homeopathic and botanical indications

Homeobotanical Therapy is beneficial for people of all ages and can be used on animals also.

Homeobotanicals can be dispensed as part of your usual consultation session or purchased from our shop (with a telephone consultation).

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