Animal Communication

Hi I’m Melissa, I’m an animal communicator and healer.  I have worked with horses, goats, birds, cats and dogs.

I work with animals who are unwell, injured, with behavioural issues, upset or just not being themselves.  Animals can present with a variety of issues for numerous reasons which may include their environment, something that’s happened to them and where they’ve come from and how they were treated prior to their connection with you.  Sometimes our animals are so loyal to us, they’re even taking on our stuff that we’re struggling to deal with in service to us.  While animals are great at taking on our stuff, they can’t always release it on their own and may need a little help to do so.


The majority of animal healings are done via distance although there are some exceptions to this.  This is easier on both you and your animal.

The initial part of the session will involve a conversation so that I can fully understand your animal’s issue, what you’ve done about it already (eg. treatment etc), their background and any other information you think will be useful. I then conduct a distance healing and will contact you afterwards to let you know how that goes and arrange any follow up that may be required.

​Session cost: $120 (includes telephone consult & healing)

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