Mental Fitness Exercises can improve performance and attitude in many areas of life. While these exercises are especially great for children, they can be performed by anyone and the whole family can join in.  They can be done at home, school or work and may form part of a kinesiology session.

The exercises are designed to promote greater use of all areas of the brain, and where relevant, can stimulate the less dominant areas of the brain that can become under utilised when under stress.

Stress can take on many forms.  Sometimes, if we let physical, emotional or learning stress take over our lives, poor learning behaviours can occur. These could include an inability to learn and retain information, poor concentration, being unable to read and write fluently and a lack of comprehension, coordination and communication skills.

5 Minute Switch On Exercises

A collection of these mental fitness exercises have been carefully selected to form the 5 Minute Switch On routine. The exercises are designed to get both the brain and body switched on, alert and working together. These exercises are perfect to do each morning to set your child up for success each day.

You can download the chart below and purchase the accompanying audio here.

5 Minute Switch On Chart

5 Minute Switch On Chart
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